Preventing fire hazards with your storage

A step forward in fire rated storage tanks

Firecheck tanks, providing a safer solution

Combining the strength of steel, the practicality of a inner plastic tank and fire rated material, you can rest within the knowledge of a safer and more secure storage tank.

All firecheck tanks are fitted with a secure, fire protected, lockable lid and with no additional fire walls or unsightly additional brick and block fire walls, you can find a more cost-effective solution to your oil storage.

1000 EHFC
Brimful 1080 litres
Nominal 1026 litres
Length 2100mm
Width 780mm
Height 1625mm
Footprint 2100mm x 780mm
Weight 560kgs
1225 EHFC
Brimful 1270 litres
Nominal 1206 litres
Length 2160mm
Width 960mm
Height 1820mm
Footprint 2160mm x 960mm
Weight 605kgs
1250 ELPFC
Brimful 1330 litres
Nominal 1206 litres
Length 2070mm
Width 1510mm
Height 1250mm
Footprint 2070mm x 1510mm
Weight 760kgs
1300 EHFC
Brimful 1400 litres
Nominal 1330 litres
Length 1930mm
Width 1400mm
Height 1620mm
Footprint 1930mm x 1400mm
Weight 710kgs
1800 EHFC
Brimful 1910 litres
Nominal 1814 litres
Length 2170mm
Width 1425mm
Height 1720mm
Footprint 2170mm x 1425mm
Weight 770kgs
2500 EHFC
Brimful 2625 litres
Nominal 2493 litres
Length 2330mm
Width 1630mm
Height 1820mm
Footprint 2330mm x 1630mm
Weight 870kgs
If you are looking for a simple and effective solution for your oil storage then you can find a wide range of fuel dispensers supplied and installed by our OFTEC registered technicians.

An example of the Firecheck tanks we supply
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