Simple and efficient oil storage control

Fuel dispenser oil tank supply and installs

Easy to fill fuel dispensers

Are you looking for oil storage that is simple yet efficient? We can provide a wide range of fuel dispensers that feature easy to maintain and control functions, such as a unique rear fitted lid arrangement.

With these fuel dispensers you will be able to fill the tank much easier without having to struggle with the hose and pump area at the front.

A low level cabinet is available for the 5000EVB & 8050EVB. For more information please contact us. Front filling cabinet options are available on the 1300EHFD & 2500EHFD

1300 EHFD

Brimful 1400 litres
Nominal 1330 litres
Length 1830mm
Width 1300mm
Height 1800mm
Footprint 1340mm x 1230mm

2500 ESB

Brimful2625 litres
Nominal 2493 litres
Length 2230mm
Width 1530mm
Height 1960mm
Footprint 1700mm x 1470mm

1300 EVFD

Brimful 1360 litres
Nominal 1300 litres
Length 1280mm
Width 1280mm
Height 1930mm
Footprint 1280 x 1280mm

2500 EVFD

Brimful 2690 litres
Nominal 2555 litres
Length 1625mm
Width 1625mm
Height 1950mm
Footprint 1625 x 1625mm

5000 EVFD

Brimful 5280 litres
Nominal 5016 litres
Length 2818mm
Width 2138mm
Height 2160mm
Footprint 2818mm x 2130mm

8050 EVFD

Brimful 8050 litres
Nominal 7650 litres
Length 3068mm
Width 2388mm
Height 2560mm
Footprint 3090 x 2400mm

With our wide range of fuel dispensers and excellent supply and install service, you can be rest assured that your oil storage is secure and well maintained.
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